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Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know more about us. We love meeting new people and are always looking forward to hear from the ones who follow our adventures from around the globe. We have a serious case of wanderlust, passion for travelling, photography, creating videos and being able to share our experiences.

Who are we?

Wandering Nomads | Inspiring Adventurers  | Wannabe Photographers

We’re Thomas and Telma

The couple behind Blank Canvas Voyage – Adventure Travel & Lifestyle Blog

In November 2015, we left London on a one-way ticket with the objective of promoting long-term adventure and sustainable living, through our own stories, photography and videos in Sign Language – all self-produced.

We aim to travel slowly, experience new cultures, explore places and stay away for as long as we can! We hope to inspire people to travel, to wander, to explore more. Our message to people wanting to travel the world? “Save, Plan, Buy a ticket and go!”. Don’t believe in everything you see and read in the news, the world really is full of joy, kindness and generosity.

Since leaving, in 2105, we have embarked on some exciting adventures:

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Our Travelling Style

We are still discovering and exploring ways of enjoying what we do. Of course, we are living the dream but it’s not only about that. Being passionate about a project is what it is all about. For now we are just going with the flow, developing our skills and taking each day as it comes.

  • Travelling Slow: This is the best way of immersing ourselves in different cultures and meeting the locals.
  • Unique cultural experiences: Getting the best out of each place we visit.
  • Adventure Travel: Who doesn’t like a little adrenaline running through their veins?
  • Deaf Community: (Thomas) Because there is a sense of connection and an understanding between myself and them, of what it means to be Deaf. Also, how cool is to share and compare the differences between Sign Languages?
  • Photography: Yep, we are wannabe photographers. Ok, we are not there yet. But we will! Slowly but surely. Definitely our main goal for 2017 is to improve our photography skills.

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Meet Thomasprofile picture blog

Hi guys! I’m Thomas, born and raised in Uxbridge, United Kingdom.
I was born Profoundly Deaf into a Hearing family and I grew up bi-lingual, both fluent in British Sign Language and spoken English. My determination, perseverance and creative skills landed me a place in Central Saint Martins of Art and Design College and in 2011 I finished my BA in Graphic Design and Moving Image.
As far as I can remember, I have always travelled. With my family, to Europe, America and the Caribbean and in school there were many school trips outside the UK. Catching the travel bug from a young age, it was no surprise that I was so keen to travel and experience as much of the world as I can, now I am older.

More about me?

  • I am very organised
  • Oh, and a perfectionist!
  • Adore creativity and thinking “out of the box”
  • Can’t live without Google Maps and a camera in hand!
  • “Never judge a book by its cover”
  • Always up for a deep conversation!

Meet Telma

travel couple profile pictureOlá, I’m Telma, born and raised in Loulé, a city in the south of Portugal. I have always been up for adventure. I left my hometown when I was 15 years old and moved to Lisbon to carry on with my studies. In 2003, after many applications, I was offered a place in the University of Greenwich, where I finished my BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications.
When I moved to London in 2004, little did I think I would finish my degree (as I could barely speak English when I started), fall in love with the city, meet so many wonderful people, call London “Home”, discover that British Sign Language would change my life and eventually meet Thomas, who convinced me to travel the world indefinitely.

More about me?

  • I talk a lot. I’m quite funny actually!
  • I am VERY sarcastic
  • Definitely a morning person!
  • Don’t have time for negativity or gossip
  • When I put my mind into something, I am very strict about it
  • I am fascinated by people. Everyone has a story to tell

Our story – by Thomas

We met in May 2013 at an event in London. Telma was new in the Deaf Community but I could see how passionate she was about Sign Language and the huge effort she was making to speak with people. I remember our first conversation very well. We were standing in the queue to get some tea and biscuits, Telma kept asking random questions, wondering if I had any brothers or sisters, the name of my pets and what was my favourite colour. I figured out that was the only thing she could sign about, because that is what you learn in Level 1! It was funny because never would someone that I had just met, ask me such questions.

That evening, we added each other on Social Media and started talking every day. We were friends for a few months and later I was so fascinated by her humour, personality and energy that I asked her on a date.

Why did we decide to leave London and travel the world?

In 2015 we saw a post on Facebook about the Deaf Games in Australia being held in Adelaide, January 2016. As they were recruiting for volunteers, we thought it would be a great idea to apply for it. Going all the way to Australia to volunteer was a wonderful thought but it would be nice to stay longer to explore more of the country. And perhaps visit New Zealand as well. At first we wanted to go for four weeks but soon realised that we wanted more than that.

The fact that we had no mortgage and no children, we couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity to go travelling on a “one-way” ticket.
And the rest in history….

Happy Travels!
Thomas & Telma

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