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For centuries, Mount Yasur has been one of the most active volcanos in the world, and Vanuatu’s most accessible one. She is the reason tourists visit Tanna and, let us tell you… she is beautiful!

From the moment we landed in Tanna we couldn’t stop thinking about Mt Yasur. We had watched videos on YouTube, read blogs about it, so something spectacular was coming our way.
There was no need to book in advance or make any reservations, we just informed our host that we wanted to visit the volcano and he made all the necessary arrangements.

Staying at Imaio Village had a massive advantage because it’s only a 30-40 minutes’ walk to the volcano, which was pretty easy and affordable, as it saved us a lot of money on transportation. Our host allocated two guides, so we wouldn’t get lost. Believe us, it’s a real jungle out there through a dense forest, and there’s no one to be seen.

Once at the entrance, we paid 15,000vt/USD$140/GBP£110 (two people) and our guides stayed outside waiting for us. We joined more tourists and in the price is included a Dance Show, Transportation to the Volcano, Tour Guides and complimentary drinks/fruit at the end of the tour.
We chose to go in the afternoon so we could stay at the volcano during the evening, as the lava explosions are more visible in the dark. From the dance show until the coming back to the entrance it lasted approximately four hours.

It’s an amazing experience and even though it wasn’t cheap at all, it was worth it because there aren’t many accessible ACTIVE volcanos in the world. So we had to do it!
The show is breathtaking! We stayed into the night and were overwhelmed by her power and beauty.

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Hiking Mount Yasur 

friend visit mount yasur

The surrounding area is quiet and peaceful, and from time to time you will hear the rumbling of Yasur in the background.

how mount yasur looks like

In the middle of the day, the eruptions aren’t as visual apparent. However, we can still see the blanket of volcanian ash covering Yasur’ slopes.

the only post box on an active volcano

There is a post box on Mt. Yasur and is recognised as the only post box in the world on a live volcano.

mount yasur explosion

It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, you cannot miss it. The walk to the rim of this fiery volcano certainly makes a visit to Tanna unforgettable.

mount yasur at night

How many people can say they stood on the edge of an active volcano?

Mt Yasur Checklist

  • Jacket or a scarf
  • Lantern
  • Water
Go in the afternoon, so you can stay until evening. It’s beautiful.
Choose you accommodation around the volcano, so you can easily go for a walk.
Note: For people wondering if they can access the volcano without joining a tour, please be advised that it’s not possible for safety reasons. You must pay the ticket and you must follow the guide’s rules.

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a guide to hiking mount yasur

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