By Telma and Thomas | 12 June 2016 | Vanuatu | Deaf Community

Meeting people from the Deaf Community in Vanuatu was not an easy task. Sign Language is not yet recognised, majority of the Deaf live in remote areas without easy access and a Deaf Association or Social Club are nowhere to be found.
But as persistent as we are, and not easily convinced, we got in contact with Vanuatu Society for People with Disability… and ta dah!

We were lucky to meet Damian who got in contact with people from the Deaf Community in Port Vila and Tanna Island. Without his help it would have been impossible to meet them, as some live in remote villages.

Here are some of the people we met:

deaf lady from vanuatu

Leisiel Sope | Age 54 | Pango Village, Efate

deaf man from tanna island

Jean Claude | Age 35 | Loearfy Village, Tanna Island | Jean Claude note

deaf man letter

deaf man from efate village

Remo | Age 36 | Sama Village, Efate

deaf friend from port vila

Lenny Thomas | Age 29 | Port Vila, Efate

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank Damian Farrel for his kindness and willingness to make sure we could meet Deaf during our stay in Vanuatu. Lenny Thomas for meeting us in Port Vila and driving us to the airport. 

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