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This Honiara travel guide will show you the things to do and see and an itinerary to follow so you get the best of what Honiara has to offer. If you are wondering about safety, please read our post Is It Safe to Travel to Honiara?

Honiara is busy and crowded at times and it’s not a pretty city either. More often than not you will feel exhausted of having to walk around the dirt and ditches that are everywhere in town. But the smiley children and the real Solomon Islanders will make up for it.
It is really a place like no other and having friends over there made such a big difference, because we were just relaxed, enjoying every moment of it.

We met so many wonderful people in Honiara, people that really touched our hearts and changed the way we look at life.
If you are looking into visiting the Solomon Islands, please go! Go and experience the daily life of a Solomon Islander, respect their culture, their ideas/views and be open-minded. Because you will see things that you will not agree with nor will like it. And that is why travelling is the best way of learning and respecting other cultures.

General information about Honiara

Solomon Islands Cyclone Season

The tropical cyclone season runs from November to May, so we would not recommend this time of the year. Cyclones bring heavy rain and local flooding.
It’s hot and humid year-round and you are going to sweat! The climate is extremely humid through the year, with temperatures of 26.5 C (79.7F).

At Honiara Airport

After cleared from Customs, you will see an Exchange Money Kiosk, wait in the queue, show your Boarding Pass and the person behind the counter will give a Vodafone SIM card free of charge.
Internet is expensive, for SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9/ you get 750 MB of internet only for 7 days. For 1 month you get 15 GB and it cost SBD$800/USD$100/GBP£77.

Honiara is about eight kilometers (4.97 miles) from the airport. The bus to town should cost you around SBD$2-$3/USD$0.25/GBP£0.20

Things to Do and See in Honiara

By taxi is your best shot! Hire one for a few hours and visit Honiara historic monuments. Through a local connection we hired a taxi for nearly 3 hours at SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£19. Usually they charge SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9 per hour. Not only this way is the cheapest way to travel around Honiara, but you also get to know the locals. If you join a tour, expect prices up to SBD$500/USD$64/GBP£48 per person.

honiara itinerary


  • Honiara Central Market – free
  • National Museum – donations welcome
  • National Art Gallery – free

Stop for lunch at Fire & Spice at NPF Plaza (Mendana Avenue) – Fish & Chips at SBD$25/USD$3/GBP£2

things to do and see in honiara


Hail a taxi and negotiate on prices. Ideally between 1-4pm, so you avoid the rush-hour.

  • Guadalcanal American Memorial (Skyline Ridge) – free
  • SI Scouts & Coastwatcher’s Monument – free
  • ANZAC & Kawaguchi Memorial – free
  • Henderson Airfield & Memorial Garden – free
  • Japanese Peace Memorial (Mt. Austen) – SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3

day out in honiara

honiara attractions

As any other capital city, Honiara is buzzing with people and the best time to walk around is in the morning where you can find fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.
The Central Market is often described the best introduction to the sights, sounds and smells of Honiara. It’s also a great place to meet local hardworking women and man.

Our best advice is to keep an open mind when arriving in Honiara. Most probably you will not stay for more than a few days, but while there make the most of it. Don’t pay too much attention to what is written in the Media, and enjoy the Solomon Islands.

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Any questions about Honiara, please comment below.

the best of honiara solomon islands

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