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“You are so stingy”
“Your life must be so boring!”
“Oh come on, not again!”

Yes, I heard that all the time. And honestly, I really didn’t care.
I have been saving for as long as I can remember. The way that I was brought up taught me many things that helped me saving, taking care of my belongings (because I never had a lot) and to be responsible.
So in a way I feel pretty much confident writing this post and giving my “very basic” advice on how to save money on a daily basis.

It is about commitment and making priorities, and sometimes a few boring days, I admit.
But if you take your “Savings Plan” with a pinch of salt, all can be balanced and you can STILL have fun, go places, meet your friends and eat at your favourite restaurants.
No matter where you are on your financial journey, it is possible for anyone to turn their financial life around. Believe me, the hardest is to start, so stay focused and you will achieve it!

Ultimate List to Save Money for Travel

long term travel saving tips

31 Saving Tips

Cook your own meals, it works out much cheaper than buying your lunch every day. Also having food at home will make you cook more. Cooking in bulk, is a way of planning your meals and spending less money eating out. Do online grocery shopping, as going to a store is very tempting and you will end it up buying unnecessary food. Give up your vices, do you really need to have a hot drink every day? Or have a chocolate bar? Don’t carry cash, you will eventually give up on the purchase. Cancel your subscriptions, Sky+, magazines, newspapers, as you can rely on the internet for news, articles and ideas. Cancel your cable tv subscription, get FreeView instead. Find meal-deals, dinning 2-1 vouchers or meet your friends for a drink instead. Stop upgrading everything. Do you really need to have the best phone/computer in the market? Get a pay-as-you-go travel card instead of paying monthly, if you are going home after work, there is no need of having a multi-travel card. Stop collecting and start selling your old things, books, dumbbells, bike, treadmill, dvd’s, etc. Move in together (for a couple), or move back to your parents’ house for a short period of time. Open a savings account and set up a standing order from your current account. Cancel your gym membership, go for a run instead. Seek for extra income, work as freelancer in various projects or get a part-time. Drink tap water, seriously it won’t kill you! Book your own accommodation & flights when going on holidays, you don’t need to pay a travel agency to do it for you. Stay in budget hostels or book through Airbnb for cheaper accommodation. Join free tours when visiting a new city. Have breakfast at home before leaving for work. Cut your own hair. Drink less alcohol, or drink slower when out with friends. Turn off the Data on your phone and use free Wi-Fi. Pay off your credit card every month in full to avoid those unwanted charges. Or just quit using credit cards at all if you don’t trust yourself! Keep track of all your spending’s on a notebook, that will help you a lot. Suggest doing some outdoor activities with your friends, prepare your own food and share with them in a picnic style.

Remember, no sacrifice is ever too much to live the life you dreamed of. Don’t beat yourself when you make a mistake, have a treat day(s), don’t let negativity spoil your dreams, be firm and strict with yourself but leave room for flexibility, keep in touch with your loved ones, don’t ignore them just because you have started saving money, surround yourself with good people and people who have ambitions in life and never give up.

Note: This article was written according to our life and jobs in London. Obviously not all these tips will apply to everyone. We are aware that people’s lifestyles, jobs, wages, family circumstances are different from person to person and from the country that you live in. This is a guide on how WE both saved and how we hope these tips can make people save money as well.

What are your top tips for saving money for travel?

suggestions on how to save money for travel

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