Throughout our travels people often ask us the same questions. So we thought that would be a great idea of having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab on the website.

If you are wondering how we met, where we are, the countries that we have visited, our daily budget, the funniest moments and most of all, if you are really curious to know about the Deaf Community, and about Thomas… you will be pleased to know that we are happy to answer!

Instead of having to look for a specific question and having to search for it, we have divided the answers into sections.
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Travel Planning

Q1 | When did you leave London?
We left London in November 2015 and have been travelling since.

Q2 | What is your itinerary?
Before leaving we had a rough idea where we were going for the first 2 -3 months, but nothing set in stone. Our plan is to travel slow, sometimes live for a few weeks or months in a city, get to know the locals, experience the culture and travel for as long as we can.
Also one of the reasons why we are travelling is to meet the Deaf Community in every country we visit. But majority of our travel destinations are based on our budget and the price of the flights.

Q3 | Where have you been so far? Where are you now?
There are two ways of finding out: Checking the website sidebar on your right, or through our Facebook cover photo. If you flick through you will find out in chronological order the countries that we have visited to date and where we are now.

Q4 | How long will you keep travelling? When are you going to stop travelling?
The answer to these questions is genuine…. We don’t know. For now, we are just going with the flow, developing our skills (video editing and photography, and taking each day as it comes.

Q5 | Where do you sleep?
Airbnb website is a great tool to finding cheap accommodation. So far has worked out to be cheaper, with better/faster internet and the safest option. If we are on a tight budget, we also stay in shared dorms, sleep in the car, train stations or get the overnight bus to the next destination.
Through our Facebook and volunteer programs, we always meet wonderful people from the Deaf Community that often offer their houses for us to stay. But we never take advantage, as we always contribute with either money or food.

Q6 | Where do you most want to visit?
Thomas – South Africa, Canada and Argentina
Telma – Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska

Travel Finances

Q7 | How are you funding your travels?
We saved…a lot and for a long time. There was a lot of compromise and quitting, in the last few years. And it’s amazing to see how much a person can actually save when you put your mind into it.
The Deaf Community has been a big part on our travels too, not only we have volunteered a few times, where we had accommodation and/or food for free, but also through connections we have had people contacting with us offering their houses for us to stay.

Q8 | How did you manage to save?
Please read our post here.

Q9 | Do you have a budget?
Before flying out we research about local living, so we have an understanding about daily expenses such as accommodation, food and transport. All other extras, entertainment, miscellaneous are done if  we still have money left for that day.
Our daily budget is usually kept to a minimum, around GBP£25/USD$30 per person.

Our Relationship

Q10 | How and where did you meet?
We met in London, May 2013 at an event in London.

Q11 | Is Telma Deaf?
No, Telma is not Deaf neither is Hard of Hearing. Telma is Hearing.

Q12 | Did Telma learn Sign Language because of Thomas?
No, Telma was already learning British Sign Language (BSL) for eight months when she met Thomas.

Q13 | Why did Telma start learning British Sign Language?
By Telma. One night, at home, I was watching the American Movie Speed 2: Cruise Control, and a Deaf girl signed to her dad, using ASL – American Sign Language. I thought that was really interesting and I wondered how amazing would it be to learn.
Not wanting to waste any time, from that moment, from those 20 seconds of signing, I thought “That’s it! I am going to learn British Sign Language.”
The following day I found a course and immersed myself in learning British Sign Language. I was fascinated and fell in love with the language and the Deaf Community very quickly. The unknown, the people, how mysterious the language was and how amazing was to have a silent conversation, made the trick and I was hooked.

Q14 | When you first met, how did you communicate with each other?
By Telma. Thomas is bilingual, both fluent in English and British Sign Language. So understanding me was very easy. When we met, I already knew a little bit of British Sign Language.

Q15 | Was it love at first sight?
No. We became friends first and only started dating a few months later.

Q16 |
As you both can’t talk over the phone, how to you keep in contact with each other?

Well, at the moment we see each other everyday, so there is no need to “keep in contact”, otherwise through Facetime or Skype.

Funny Questions

Q17 | Does Thomas take his Hearing Aids off before going to bed?
By Thomas. Yes. Sleeping with it would be very uncomfortable, also there is a change of breaking it.

Q18 | Can you talk/sign with each other in the dark?
No, because Thomas cannot hear. And no one can lip-read in the dark….

Q19 | Can Thomas drive?
We still cannot understand the question, because we don’t see how Thomas’ deafness has got to do with driving… but yes, Thomas CAN drive.

Funniest moment, by Thomas:

December 2015, Australia
We were queuing to buy tickets. Telma was next to me. As I approached the counter the woman said something but I couldn’t lip-read her because she was looking at the computer. So I looked at Telma, who signed to me what the lady had just said. Once I looked back at the lady, she said:
“Oh! My dog is deaf. I also use my hands to talk to him”
At first we both stood in shock, not knowing if that was an offensive comment or just a very ignorant one. So we started laughing.

Deaf Community

Some interesting facts about Deaf Culture:

  • Pointing is allowed
  • Eye contact is VERY important
  • A simple “good-bye” can take up to half an hour
  • In a room full of people, you can communicate across without shouting

Sign Language:

  • Sign Language is beautiful and people will always stare at you thinking… “I want to learn!”
  • You can have secret conversations in a public place
  • People can sign under water
  • People can sign with their mouth full
  • People can communicate through windows
  • Each country has their own Sign Language
  • There are hundreds of sign language dialects in use around the world
  • In order to be compatible with the language spoken in each country, each culture has developed its own form of sign language.
  • Sign Languages are as rich and complex as any spoken language, in linguistics terms
  • Some have obtained some form of legal recognition, while others have no status at all

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