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We stayed in Honiara for one week and although we could have had the opportunity to travel around the islands, we decided to stay locally and enjoy our friends’ hospitality and their company as much as we could.
Through connections within the Deaf Community, our accommodation and a few meals were covered, leaving us money to spend on Transport, Entertainment, Miscellaneous & Food. We always had dinner at home with Claire and her family, but during the day we would eat out with our friends.

Honiara Travel Budget

This might not be the ideal budget for someone looking for an accurate total of costs, because not only our accommodation was free of charge, we also gave some money to Claire’s family to cover our food in the house and payed for meals and bus fares to our friends.
But surely people can get a rough idea of the daily costs in Honiara, so below it’s our budget breakdown and all the things we managed to visit.

How much did we spend in Honiara?

travelling around solomon islands

Transport in Honiara

You can either get the bus or a taxi. Everywhere you look there is one or the other ready to take you to any destination of your choice. The buses are relatively cheap, just make sure you agree on the price first and the driver is aware of your stop.
We walked everywhere, also because Honiara city centre is not that big.
This part of the budget is not accurate for two people, as we did pay a lot of travel journeys to our friends.
Bus fares are at SBD$2-$3/USD$0.25/GBP£0.19 per person

We spent SBD$225/USD$30/GBP£22
Per day: SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3

tourist attraction solomon islands

Entertainment in Honiara

Apart of the Japanese Peace Memorial that costs SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3 per person, all the other tourist attractions that we visited were free of charge. Check our Honiara Travel Guide.
We decided to stay locally, caught a few buses in town and hired a taxi for a few hours to see all the tourist attractions.
To hire a taxi, it should cost you SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9 per hour. Through a friend’s connection we paid SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£19 for nearly 3 hours.

We spent SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£19


In this category we only spent it on a SIM Card and Data. Internet is expensive, for SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9 you get 750 MB of internet for 7 days. For 1 month you get 15 GB and it costs SBD$800/USD$100/GBP£77.
Can you imagine if we had stayed for one month?!
For people wanting to find a place in town for Wi-Fi connection we recommend Lime Lounge

We spent: SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£20
Per day: SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3

eating on a budget solomon islands

Food in Honiara

Eating out in the city, as a local, it’s pretty cheap. You can get a meal for SBD$25/USD$3/GBP£2. And If you eat at your Budget Hostel, a meal will cost you around SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9.
Don’t expect gourmet type of food in Honiara. The food is pretty much fast food and greasy.
Oh and Macdonalds and KFC are nowhere to be found!
DO buy fruit and veg from the market and avoid the overpriced food at the local supermarkets.

We spent SBD$920/USD$120/GBP£90
Per day: SBD$125/USD$15/GBP£12


The total for 7 days in Honiara was SBD$1550/USD$200/GBP£150
Per day SBD$221/USD$30/GBP£25 – For two people

Are you planning to visit the Solomon Islands?

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