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We were looking forward to spend a day up at the Abel Tasman, one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and popular national parks. The kayaking route was very appealing, so spending the morning sea kayaking and walking through Abel Tasman National Park seemed the perfect way to start our day.

Can you imagine turquoise waters with golden sandy beaches, and lush green forests? Yes, Abel Tasman is undoubtedly stunning. And one of the best ways to see it is from out on the water on a sea kayaking trip followed by a hiking track back to the starting point.
Looks good? That is exactly what we did.

a day at the abel tasman

Sea Kayaking and Abel Tasman 

Early morning, we drove to Old Macdonalds Farm & Holiday Park and met the group for a safety briefing. Soon after, picked up our kayaks, paddles, life jackets, kit and a map.
We were taught how to escape if trapped upside down and practiced capsizing. I am not going to lie, suddenly I started to wonder if going into the sea on a kayak without previous experience was a good idea. But at this stage the excitement overtook the scary thoughts that went through my mind, as I was just looking forward to do it.
Looking around, the weather seemed fine, so I was pretty confident we could do this. Arriving at Marahau Beach the weather was mint and the sea was as calm as it could be.

We opted not to have a guided tour because they give you a map, the coast line is on your left and all you have to do is head north. What could go wrong, right?!
I remember kayaking in the river Thames in London, it’s calm and relaxed…. ahh forget it! Sea kayaking IS hard work. The last thing you want is to go against the current, which happened a few times.
At the start we were all over the place, it was terrible! We were exhausted after 20 minutes and the average time of completing that circuit is 3 hours! Oh my…
But soon we began to enjoy and were able to do some synchronised paddling…didn’t last much though!

marahau beach early morning

Nearly 4 hours of kayaking and as the sun was beginning to shine brightly we arrived at The Anchorage Bay. It was like seeing a mirage…we had finally reached our destination!
Slowly settling down on the beach for lunch, we seriously could not ask for a better view.

double kayak at abel tasman

itinerary sea kayaking the abel tasman

Then we were on our way back to the starting point. We walked through lovely scenery of lush vegetation, and came across some spectacular viewpoints. The 32-mile walking is no “walk in the park”, it’s a long walk.

itinerary for walking abel tasman

sea kayaking and tasman walk

The Abel Tasman National Park is much more than what we first expected.
The track is one of the New Zealand’s nine Great Walks and these tracks take you through some mind blowing and diverse scenery.

How much does Kayaking the Abel Tasman Cost?

Genuinely I do not remember the company we went with, we bought the day trip in Motueka at the i-site Visitor Information Centre. What I DO remember is that it was the cheapest on offer!

We asked what was the difference in between kayaks and equipment and the lady said they were all the same, is just the way they market themselves. There you go!

Cost: NZ$150/USD$108/GBP£83, for a Day Trip up to 5 hours, double kayak without a guide.

When we arrived at Anchorage Bay, the staff collected our kayak and we made our way to the starting point, through the Abel Tasman National Park.

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sea kayaking day trip

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