By Thomas | 22 April 2017 | India | Deaf Community

During our time in India, we had the opportunity to meet some lovely people from the Indian Deaf Community. It wasn’t as easy as we thought, because after arriving straight from Nepal, we had to plan the itinerary for the following months. Read our posts about Agra, Varanasi and our Camel Safari in Jaisalmer. But we managed to meet some people in Delhi, Varanasi, Jaipur and Mumbai.
Always on the lookout for charity work or Deaf businesses, this time round the Deaf Community in India wasn’t as responsive as previously during our travels. We couldn’t find any volunteering programs for free and struggled to find Deaf Businesses, overall.

Below is the people we did manage to meet.

India Deaf Community


NDS – Noida Deaf Association

Ruma Roka’s mission was to start a school for the underprivileged, which eventually led to her interest in the Deaf Community in India. She established NDS – Noida Deaf Society in 2005 and through her dedication and perseverance, the organisation has so far changed the lives of over 4500 deaf youth, and continues to work towards mainstream deaf people into workforce through specialised vocational programs.

Some Noida Dead Society Vocational Training Programs:

  • Indian Sign Language
  • English Communication Skills
  • MS Office and Internet
  • Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
  • Life Skills and Work Ethics

Facebook: noidadeaf

meeting delhi deaf communityNoida Deaf Society’s Office – (left to right: Manoj Shaw, Inu Aggarwal, Ruma Roka, Telma Louro and Thomas Giddens)

deaf in indiaDelhi Deaf Community – Anupam Sinha and Amit Singh


meeting varanasi deaf Varanasi Deaf Community – (left to right: Telma Louro, Cheeta Sight and Thomas Giddens)


meeting jaipur deafJaipur Deaf Community – (left to right: Telma Louro, Deepesh’s friend, Thomas Giddens, Deepesh Arora and Harsh Pareek)

meeting rajasthan deaf community Deepesh Arora’s family


meeting mumbai deaf communityMumbai Deaf Community – (left to right: Rajdeep Patheja, Telma Louro, Thomas Giddens and Rajdeep’s friend)

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