By Telma and Thomas | 2 December 2015 | Hong Kong | Deaf Community

Meeting Hong Kong and Macau Deaf Community was such an amazing experience. We had to solely rely on International Sign, which for Thomas was not an issue, although Telma did struggle a little.

Our friends Xavier and Sammie made us feel very welcome, guided us around Hong Kong and we got invited to a few gatherings with the Deaf Community. We also made it to Macau, and met Simon over there, who kindly drove us around the historic city centre and introduced us to his lovely family.

Below are some of the pictures:

Outside Hong Kong Deaf Association

At Hong Kong Association of the Deaf with Sammie

Having lunch with Deaf friends

Having lunch with Xavier and Sammie

Hong Kong Deaf Women Dance Group

Hong Kong Association of the Deaf – Women Dance Group

Dinner with Hong Kong Deaf Community

Dinner with Hong Kong Deaf Bowling Club

People at Macau Deaf Association

Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired

Deaf friend Portuguese Food in Macau

Enjoying Portuguese Food in Macau with Simon

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank Sammie Wong, Xavier Tam, Hong Kong Association of the Deaf and Hong Kong Bowling Deaf Association for their hospitality, generosity and patience. And Simon Szeto for his availability to drive us around Macau for the day and to take us to Macau Association of the Deaf.  

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