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After a lot of research on how much money we would need for Hong Kong, we pretty much succeeded on keeping the cost to a minimum.
Although eating out is very “budget friendly”, some tourist attractions are more expensive than others, so it depends on what you want to see and do while in Hong Kong.

The street markets are a trap! I mean, you will be amazed how many cheap gadgets you can find, but all these things add up, so it’s better to stay way and only buy if necessary. We were both overwhelmed with it, and didn’t buy anything because ultimately we had to carry it on our backpacks!
We tried to be very careful with our spending as Hong Kong was our first destination.

Perhaps we could have visited more places, and we could have spent a little more, as we were under budget, but overall we are happy with it.

About our Hong Kong budget:
Please bear in mind that while we were in Hong Kong and Macau we had the opportunity to meet very generous people that often offered to pay some meals, activities and drive us around. The budget would have been slightly higher if it wasn’t for them.

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Hong Kong Travel Budget – How much did we spend?

There are a lot of accommodation options in Hong Kong to suit everyone’s budget. From the infamous Chungking Mansions to very luxurious hotels.

We stayed at Sincere House and it wasn’t that bad! It was cheap and central, so what else does a backpacker want, right?

Our room was booked through Airbnb for 8 nights. We looked around other websites, but without a doubt Airbnb was very handy, and the cheapest option. Get $25/£30 discount on your booking using our code.

We spent: HKD$1730/GBP£170/USD$220
Per day: HKD$200/GBP£20/USD$25

Public transport in Hong Kong is excellent! Frequent ferries between the islands, a huge bus network, a great tram system and an excellent underground railway, known as the MTR.

We took advantage of the Octopus card, as not only can be used to travel around the city, but also in some shops and restaurants too.

The Octopus card requires a HKD$50 deposit (USD$6/GBP£4), which is refundable at the end of your stay. For 8 days we topped up ours with HKD$200/USD$25/GBP£18 each.

In this section is included the fare from/to the airport, the Ferry to Macau and Octopus card.

We spent: HKD$965/GBP£95/USD$125
Per day: HKD$110/GBP£11/USD$14

Believe it or not, but many of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong are not charged, which means more money you save!

Places like Victoria Harbour, 10.000 Buddha’s Monastery, Hong Kong Museum of History are free entry, so no excuses here.

The Victoria Peak Tram and the bike rental was partly paid by our friend. The Ngong Ping cable car and the boat trip at Tai O was paid by us.

We spent: HKD$265/GBP£26/USD$34
Per day: HKD$30/GBP£3/USD$4

Oh my…If you leave Hong Kong without putting on weight let me know your secret!

The street food, the hot pot, the bakery, the snacks…it’s just too much. And it’s cheap, so you can hardly refuse all the delicious food around you.

But still our budget was low because we had a few meals for free.

We spent: HKD$2,290/GBP£225/USD$295
Per day: HKD$255/GBP£25/USD$30

Hong Kong was our first destination, so we had pretty much everything we needed, without having to spend much money apart from a few postcards, postage and a SIM Card.

We spent: HKD$120/GBP£12/USD$16
Per day: HKD$10/GBP£1/USD$1.5


The total for 9 days in Hong Kong was HKD$5,370/GBP£528/USD$690
Per day: HKD$590/GBP£58/USD$76– For two people

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