By Telma and Thomas | 4 June 2016 | Fiji | Deaf Community

On the 2nd June 2016, after 2.5 half months, our time in Fiji came to an end and we could barely believe how much we had done and the new friendships we had made.
During our stay we met wonderful people during our volunteering program in Suva, a week in Taveuni and in a three-week stay in Lautoka. Fijians and Indo-Fijians welcomed us with open arms into their houses and we cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity.

Fiji felt like home and we are proud to say that we have wonderful friends there. People and moments that we will cherish forever.

Below are some of the people that we spent time with and videos that we produced while in Fiji.

our deaf friends in suva

volunteer and meeting deaf community in fiji

Special Thanks
In no particular order: Krishneer, Leona, Venasio, Melita, Martha, Hala, Suva Deaf Community, Vivi and her Family and our very good friend Nillesh and Lautoka Deaf Community

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