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Suva is unlikely any other city you will ever visit or expect it to be, because every day is a surprise. From the moment we stepped out of the bus, we couldn’t stop thinking about those Google images of the Fiji Islands, and what a different reality it really is!

Fijians are very friendly. People will help you around town, advice you on places to go, what to see and most of all you will hear “Bula” hundreds of times during the day. Actually, more often than not from people passing by.
While in town, if it happens to be a Sunday, it’s worth dressing up and attending Church Service. You will be amazed by the Fijian voices and the church choral singing.

The vibe is chaotic and multicultural, not really what you would expect from a South Pacific Island. Suva is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Oceania.
If you have the opportunity to stop here, make is last a few days. So you can discover and learn more about the Fijian history and its culture.

getting the bus in suva

Things you should know about Suva

  • Streets are filled with “wild” drivers, calling and honking at each other
  • Crossing the street for “first timers” can be dangerous. Watch out!
  • It’s a “loud” city, noise is everywhere
  • Get on a local bus and enjoy the ride! The loud music and the inside decorations makes it worth the trip
  • Markets are a must-see. There is a great variety of local food – pineapples, pawpaw (papaya), green and red chillies, cassava, dalo (also known as taro)
  • The air is hot and humid, regardless the season
  • Suva is considered by many the “shopper’s paradise”

things to see and do in suva

Traveling Around Suva

Bus Fares – FJD$0.70/ USD$0.35/GBP£0.25
Taxi Fares – During the day start at FJD$1.50/ USD$0.70/GBP£0.55
At night fares start at FJD$2/ USD$0.90/GBP£0.70
Yellow Truck – depends on distances, but is really for families or big groups for especial occasions. Prices can go up to FJD$70/ USD$30/GBP£25 (depending on distances)

Accommodation in Suva

Do trust TripAdvisor reviews, it’s spot on!
Very Low – FJD$50/ USD$25/GBP£15, expect anything! Dirty bed sheets & bed bugs. Take a sleeping bag.
Low/Basic – FJD$70-$80/USD$35-$40/GBP£25-£30, slightly better, but don’t hold your breath!
Expect: Cold water. But believe us it’s really hot and humid, so having a cold shower it’s actually very refreshing.

Tourist Attractions in Suva

what to do in suva Top: Left to Right – Fiji Museum; Flea Market | Bottom: Left to Right – Sacred Heart Cathedral; Municipal Handcraft Centre

We were lucky do have had friends in Suva who happily guided us around town and showed the best places to visit, but we always checked Fiji Travel and Lonely Planet for some tips and suggestions.

Suva Travel Guide

  • Carry small change for taxis, buses & buying things at the market
  • Always have tissues/wet wipes
  • Observe/listen to the locals to get fair prices
  • Depending on the restaurants, some meals are big enough for two people and you only have to pay FJD$15/USD$7/GBP£5
  • Staying for long? Walk around town and negotiate prices for accommodation, avoid the charges on online
  • Check for a meter inside the taxi
  • Withdraw money in bulk to avoid ATM charges. Westpac is the best bank in town for that.
  • Don’t walk around being suspicious of everyone, use common sense, enjoy and appreciate the culture and the locals
  • Learn some basic Fijian Language:
    • Hello – Bula
    • Warm Hello – Bula Vinaka
    • Thank you – Vinaka
    • Good Bye – Ni sa moce
    • Please – Kerekere

exploring suva top attractions

Would you like to visit Suva?

the best of suva

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