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How Much Does Trekking to Everest Base Camp Cost?

By Telma and Thomas | 18 October 2016 | Nepal | Budget

People often have the idea that trekking to Everest Base Camp is only for the wealthy. But it’s not. It’s affordable to most of us. In fact, we met people on the trail doing it on a shoestring: walking all the way to avoid the expensive flight to Lukla, cooking their own meals and camping. That only shows that anyone can go.
Although we were not on a super-strict budget we still ended up running out money due to bad budgeting. We found that many resources online didn’t quite show how much money people really need. Often it talked about the flights, documentation and the cost of a room at a teahouse, but what about Insurance, Trekking Gear, Renting Gear, Food and all the other extras? Our list, is the ultimate breakdown on how much an Everest Base Camp trek costs.

The first question that came to our heads during the planning stage was: How can we trek to Everest Base Camp without breaking the bank? And it wasn’t until digging deeper on Google that we found out that we could trek independently, which is a massive saving on the budget. Unfortunately, people are not aware of it because as soon as you type on google “Everest Base Camp”, the first page it’s only for Tours and it isn’t until you type “Everest Base Camp travel blog”, that you find out that many fellow bloggers have done it.
Saying that, we found bias opinions about tours or going independently because a few bloggers do get paid or invited to join a tour and later promote the company on their blogs. However, we also found people who did it independently and enjoyed it as much.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp independently and on a budget is possible. We can show you how!

Note: The prices shown below are for two people for the length of 16 nights/17 days.

Everest Base Camp Cost

Unless people want to add an extra 4-5 days by walking to/from Jiri, flying is the only option. Although quicker it’s not cheap at all. At a whopping USD170 per person for a 30 minutes’ flight it will have you wondering if walking could be a better option.
Having done it, I would say: splurge a little. The views from the Himalayas are incredible and if like us your flight is smooth and the weather is just perfect, that will be without doubt a flight to remember!
Cost: Rs71,500/USD$655/GBP£515

It sucks! But must be done. We never travel without insurance and no-one should. Unfortunately, our policy did not include trekking at high altitude, so we had to buy a new one just for the length of our stay. Insurance for 17 days: Level 3 – Trekking up to 6,000 meters on recognised routes (UK Citizens or Residents only).
Cost: Rs23,500/USD$215/GBP£170

No-one can go trekking in Nepal without obtaining documentation. Not only that is a safe tracking system to know people’s whereabouts, because accidents do happen, but also the fees goes towards the maintenance of Sagarmatha National Park.
Both documents are compulsory.
TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) Rs2000 per person
National Park Permit Rs3,390 per person
Cost for two people: Rs10,780/USD$95/GBP£75

Trekking Clothing & Gear
Unfortunately, we had to buy majority of our trekking gear, because it’s not something that we carry during our travels. We had been travelling for nearly a year and had been lucky to have visited countries during the Spring or Summer.

Read our article What to Pack for Everest Base Camp.

Renting Gear
Sleeping Bag – Rs80 per day
Down Jacket – Rs60 per day
Cost for two people: 17 days = Rs4,750/USD$40/GBP£35

Not wanting to buy a lot because ultimately, we were the ones carrying it, we managed to buy the essentials. Our original First Aid Kit needed some refilling so maybe that is why in this section some people will not spend as much.
First Aid Kit / Toiletries
Prayer Flags (pack of five)
Cost for two people: Rs3000/USD$30/GBP£25

Accommodation & Food
Paying for a room on the trail is actually laughable at how cheap it is. The “most expensive” room at Gorap Shep was Rs300, other villages rooms were at Rs100 or in some teahouses, free of charge if we had all our meals there. Regarding food, it really depends on how the body reacts at high altitude and after walking for several hours a day. After Tengoche, from day 5, we both developed an enormous appetite and were very hungry all the time. Nevertheless to say that the meals are not that big and seeing people eating porridge for breakfast and soup for dinner, made us even more hungry. We ate a lot and skimping on food along the trail was never an option.
Average food prices are between Rs300-Rs700 for a meal. Also the higher you are, the price of the food increases. Food isn’t that expensive, it’s true but when eating 4-5 times a day it adds up.
Cost: Rs80,900/USD$740/GBP£580 (includes 4-5 meals a day each, dozens of tea pots and deserts)

Wifi & Charging electronics
Having a Power Bank helped a lot, there was no need to pay for charging our electronics. Only at Namche we charged the phone and GoPro, but it was “free of charge” because we ate there.
We also had purchased a SIM card prior to Everest Base Camp but at Lobuche when there was no signal, we bought a Data card.
Average charging rates: Rs250-Rs350
Rs500 – 200MB data
Rs250 – charging power bank for 1 hour
Cost: Rs750/USD$7.50/GBP£5

Airport Transport
Perhaps there is a bus to/from Kathmandu to the airport but on the 1st day, our flight was at 7am and the check in at 6am, getting a taxi seemed obvious.
On the way back, we met this lovely couple at Lukla, and once in Kathmandu we shared a taxi to Thamel.
Cost: Rs800/USD$7/GBP£5 (Drop off & Pick up)

Grand Total: Rs209,980 / £1,530 for two people

Because we ate so much and often, the amount of money spent on food is probably the equivalent of having hired a Guide/Porter. Some people will argue this budget is way too much, some might say it’s not enough. As usual, we can’t win.
The truth is, nothing can really prepare you for this trek: some people reach base camp on day 8, some only eat two meals a day, others cook their own meals and camp all the way. Everyone is different. We took our time, added days when necessary, ate a lot and enjoyed every moment of it. Thinking about it, there isn’t much we would have changed, apart maybe adding a “little porter”.
We are very happy with the budget and at £765/USD950 per person, considering that a third is just for the flights, trekking to Everest Base Camp can be achieved.

Further reading: Lonely Planet Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (Travel Guide) is a complete and all-inclusive guide for those wanting to experience and explore Trekking in the Himalaya. We strongly recommend reading this guide as it helped us planning our own trip. Happy Travels!

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breakdown of costs for everest base camp

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How Much Does Backpacking Vanuatu Cost?

By Telma and Thomas | 25 June 2016 | Vanuatu | Budget

Before arriving in Vanuatu we weren’t sure what the daily budget would be for Port Vila and Tanna Island or how much backpacking Vanuatu would cost. Information found online was not always accurate or up to date, which doesn’t help when you are travelling on a budget.

Always counting on Airbnb for more affordable accommodation, once again we were saved from disappointment.
With regards to food, we always ate local or cooked our own meals. Only in Tanna, our meals were cooked by Jeff’s wife at a very reasonable price.

Vanuatu Travel Budget

We didn’t really have a set budget; we always tried and compromised on things like activities or eating out. What “killed” our budget was the flight to Tanna Island, but we couldn’t have had it any other way. Vanuatu isn’t the cheapest destination you will find in the South Pacific, but also it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it was worth every penny.

How much did we spend in Vanuatu?

our room in tanna village

Accommodation in Vanuatu

While in Vanuatu we stayed in three different types of accommodation. It wasn’t planed, it just happened that way. In Port Vila we stayed at two different houses, before and after our trip to Tanna Island. Both locations were fairly central, which meant we could easily walk to town and go to the local markets and supermarkets.
In Tanna Island we stayed at Imaio Village, which we highly recommend for people who are looking to experience the real village life.

All three accommodations were booked through Airbnb.
7 nights in Port Vila – 24,400vt/USD$230/GBP£175
3 nights in Tanna – 7,220vt/USD$70/GBP£55

Total spent 31,620vt/USD$300/GBP£225
Per day: 3,162vt/USD$30/GBP£25 – two people

driving bus vanuatu

Transport in Vanuatu

This category is painful because of the overpriced flights to Tanna! For people looking to stay for over a week and wanting to visit several islands we have to recommend Air Vanuatu Pass. It costs AUD$665/USD$500/GBP£380 per person and you are ONLY entitled to fly four times.

It is worth it when you see how much we paid just to fly to one island. Prepare yourself…we got over pretty much after booking it. We had to move on!
We spent AUD$550/USD$415/GBP£310 – return ticket for two people (not including luggage, as we left our backpacks in Port Vila).
Apart from the flights, we caught buses, paid someone to drive us around Efate, paid a truck to take us to the volcano with our friend Jean Claude and paid our host for a pick-up & drop off at Tanna Airport.

Total spent 56,200vt/USD$530/GBP£400
Per day: 5,620vt/USD$53/GBP£40 – two people

port vila attractions

Entertainment in Vanuatu

We had to be very choosy with the activities. Not only because there are quite a lot of things to do BUT it’s very expensive and joining a tour is just not worth it. Solely relying on TripAdvisor for reviews, we chose the following:

Mele Cascades – 3000vt/USD$30/GBP£35
Blue Lagoon – 500vt/USD$4/GBP£3
Mt Yasur – 15,000vt/USD$140/GBP£110
Costume Village – 2,000vt/ USD$20/GBP£15

Total spent 20,500vt/USD$190/GBP£140
Per day: 2050vt/USD$19/GBP£14 – two people


SIM Card & Data – 2,700vt/USD$25/GBP£20
Departure Tax – 800vt/USD$7/GBP£5 (each way/per person 200vt)
Donation at Imaio Village 2000vt/USD$20/GBP£15 (optional)
Post Card + Stamps – 1,600vt/USD$14/GBP£11

Total spent 7,100vt/USD$65/GBP£50
Per day: 710vt/USD$6.5/GBP£5 – two people

eating out in tanna

Food in Vanuatu

Our food was from the local markets and supermarkets, a few meals out and all the meals in Tanna were cooked by the host at a very reasonable price.

Total spent 31,900vt/USD$300/GBP£250
Per day: 3190vt/USD$30/GBP£25 – for two people


The total for 10 days is Port Vila was 147,320vt/USD$1400/GBP£1050
Per day 14,732vt/USD$140/GBP£105 – For two people

Further reading: Lonely Planet Vanuatu & New Caledonia (Travel Guide) is a complete and all-inclusive guide for those wanting to experience and explore Vanuatu. We strongly recommend reading this guide as it helped us planning our own trip. Happy Travels!

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breakdown to vanuatu cost

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How Much Does Travel Honiara Cost?

By Telma and Thomas | 25 June 2016 | Solomon Islands | Budget

We stayed in Honiara for one week and although we could have had the opportunity to travel around the islands, we decided to stay locally and enjoy our friends’ hospitality and their company as much as we could.
Through connections within the Deaf Community, our accommodation and a few meals were covered, leaving us money to spend on Transport, Entertainment, Miscellaneous & Food. We always had dinner at home with Claire and her family, but during the day we would eat out with our friends.

Honiara Travel Budget

This might not be the ideal budget for someone looking for an accurate total of costs, because not only our accommodation was free of charge, we also gave some money to Claire’s family to cover our food in the house and payed for meals and bus fares to our friends.
But surely people can get a rough idea of the daily costs in Honiara, so below it’s our budget breakdown and all the things we managed to visit.

How much did we spend in Honiara?

travelling around solomon islands

Transport in Honiara

You can either get the bus or a taxi. Everywhere you look there is one or the other ready to take you to any destination of your choice. The buses are relatively cheap, just make sure you agree on the price first and the driver is aware of your stop.
We walked everywhere, also because Honiara city centre is not that big.
This part of the budget is not accurate for two people, as we did pay a lot of travel journeys to our friends.
Bus fares are at SBD$2-$3/USD$0.25/GBP£0.19 per person

We spent SBD$225/USD$30/GBP£22
Per day: SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3

tourist attraction solomon islands

Entertainment in Honiara

Apart of the Japanese Peace Memorial that costs SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3 per person, all the other tourist attractions that we visited were free of charge. Check our Honiara Travel Guide.
We decided to stay locally, caught a few buses in town and hired a taxi for a few hours to see all the tourist attractions.
To hire a taxi, it should cost you SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9 per hour. Through a friend’s connection we paid SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£19 for nearly 3 hours.

We spent SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£19


In this category we only spent it on a SIM Card and Data. Internet is expensive, for SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9 you get 750 MB of internet for 7 days. For 1 month you get 15 GB and it costs SBD$800/USD$100/GBP£77.
Can you imagine if we had stayed for one month?!
For people wanting to find a place in town for Wi-Fi connection we recommend Lime Lounge

We spent: SBD$200/USD$25/GBP£20
Per day: SBD$30/USD$4/GBP£3

eating on a budget solomon islands

Food in Honiara

Eating out in the city, as a local, it’s pretty cheap. You can get a meal for SBD$25/USD$3/GBP£2. And If you eat at your Budget Hostel, a meal will cost you around SBD$100/USD$12/GBP£9.
Don’t expect gourmet type of food in Honiara. The food is pretty much fast food and greasy.
Oh and Macdonalds and KFC are nowhere to be found!
DO buy fruit and veg from the market and avoid the overpriced food at the local supermarkets.

We spent SBD$920/USD$120/GBP£90
Per day: SBD$125/USD$15/GBP£12


The total for 7 days in Honiara was SBD$1550/USD$200/GBP£150
Per day SBD$221/USD$30/GBP£25 – For two people

Are you planning to visit the Solomon Islands?

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How Much Does Backpacking Hong Kong Cost?

By Telma and Thomas | 2 December 2015 | Hong Kong | Budget

After a lot of research on how much money we would need for Hong Kong, we pretty much succeeded on keeping the cost to a minimum.
Although eating out is very “budget friendly”, some tourist attractions are more expensive than others, so it depends on what you want to see and do while in Hong Kong.

The street markets are a trap! I mean, you will be amazed how many cheap gadgets you can find, but all these things add up, so it’s better to stay way and only buy if necessary. We were both overwhelmed with it, and didn’t buy anything because ultimately we had to carry it on our backpacks!
We tried to be very careful with our spending as Hong Kong was our first destination.

Perhaps we could have visited more places, and we could have spent a little more, as we were under budget, but overall we are happy with it.

About our Hong Kong budget:
Please bear in mind that while we were in Hong Kong and Macau we had the opportunity to meet very generous people that often offered to pay some meals, activities and drive us around. The budget would have been slightly higher if it wasn’t for them.

hong kong top attraction on a budget

Hong Kong Travel Budget – How much did we spend?

There are a lot of accommodation options in Hong Kong to suit everyone’s budget. From the infamous Chungking Mansions to very luxurious hotels.

We stayed at Sincere House and it wasn’t that bad! It was cheap and central, so what else does a backpacker want, right?

Our room was booked through Airbnb for 8 nights. We looked around other websites, but without a doubt Airbnb was very handy, and the cheapest option. Get $25/£30 discount on your booking using our code.

We spent: HKD$1730/GBP£170/USD$220
Per day: HKD$200/GBP£20/USD$25

Public transport in Hong Kong is excellent! Frequent ferries between the islands, a huge bus network, a great tram system and an excellent underground railway, known as the MTR.

We took advantage of the Octopus card, as not only can be used to travel around the city, but also in some shops and restaurants too.

The Octopus card requires a HKD$50 deposit (USD$6/GBP£4), which is refundable at the end of your stay. For 8 days we topped up ours with HKD$200/USD$25/GBP£18 each.

In this section is included the fare from/to the airport, the Ferry to Macau and Octopus card.

We spent: HKD$965/GBP£95/USD$125
Per day: HKD$110/GBP£11/USD$14

Believe it or not, but many of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong are not charged, which means more money you save!

Places like Victoria Harbour, 10.000 Buddha’s Monastery, Hong Kong Museum of History are free entry, so no excuses here.

The Victoria Peak Tram and the bike rental was partly paid by our friend. The Ngong Ping cable car and the boat trip at Tai O was paid by us.

We spent: HKD$265/GBP£26/USD$34
Per day: HKD$30/GBP£3/USD$4

Oh my…If you leave Hong Kong without putting on weight let me know your secret!

The street food, the hot pot, the bakery, the snacks…it’s just too much. And it’s cheap, so you can hardly refuse all the delicious food around you.

But still our budget was low because we had a few meals for free.

We spent: HKD$2,290/GBP£225/USD$295
Per day: HKD$255/GBP£25/USD$30

Hong Kong was our first destination, so we had pretty much everything we needed, without having to spend much money apart from a few postcards, postage and a SIM Card.

We spent: HKD$120/GBP£12/USD$16
Per day: HKD$10/GBP£1/USD$1.5


The total for 9 days in Hong Kong was HKD$5,370/GBP£528/USD$690
Per day: HKD$590/GBP£58/USD$76– For two people

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budget breakdown for hong kong

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