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Fraser Island it’s the only one of its kind and every inch of its beauty can leave you with a taste of feeling enchanted and captivated. Once you get there, you surely do not want to leave. Exploring Fraser Island on a budget was pretty much what we did, so now we show you the best and what to see while in Fraser Island.

There is just something about the island that sucks you in and you can’t help but be mesmerised about it. Once there, we finally understood what everyone was talking about.
Fraser Island is one of those places that cannot be described; it must be seen to be believed.
The truth is that we genuinely did not know what to expect. All we heard was: – “it’s beautiful”, “magical”; “it’s like no other place on earth”.
So we were indeed intrigued about Fraser Island, and what was so special about it.

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Fraser Island Travel Guide

Fraser Island, located in Queensland coast off Hervey Bay, is the world’s largest sand island, stretching over 120km/75miles. The island, which is made up of sand, it’s constantly moving and developing. The island was created over hundreds of thousands of years from sand drifting off the east coast of mainland Australia. Fraser Island has an amazing variety of landscape.

So, can you just imagine swimming in fresh-water lakes, walking in white sandy beaches, seeing ancient rainforests which grow on sand, experiencing forest-clad dunes rising to 240 meters, looking at coloured sand cliffs and relaxing in crystal-clear creeks?
Welcome to Fraser Island!

Visiting Fraser Island on our own was never an option, because that would have meant to hire a 4×4, which we were not particularly keen, as Telma didn’t have the experience to drive one.
So we joined a tour instead. Which included accommodation at Harvey Bay the night before and after Fraser.

The best of Fraser Island

  • Knifeblade Sandblow
  • Lake Wabby
  • Eli Creek
  • Maheno Wreck
  • Lake Butterfly
  • Indian Head
  • Champagne Pools
  • Lake McKenzie

the best of fraser island

Interesting Facts

  • Surrounded by the ocean but you cannot swim? Yes, correct. Fraser Island is a breeding ground for Tiger Sharks, so it is not safe to swim in the ocean. But do not worry; there are over 100 fresh-water lakes in the island.
  • Only 4WD’s are allowed in the island because the existing tracks are soft sand and are not suitable for conventional vehicles.
  • Fraser Island is known as K’Gari to the Aboriginals and it means “Paradise
  • On May 22nd 1836, Eliza Anne Fraser, a Scottish woman whose ship was shipwrecked off the coast of Queensland, was captured by Aboriginals. Fraser Island was named after her. Read more here

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How much does backpacking Fraser Island cost?

Although our Fraser Island Guide was very knowledgeable of the land and its surroundings, it was happy to answer any questions and take us to beautiful places, the facilities at camping site were poor. When we booked the tour in Cairns, we were misled by the sales guy. And that is why we have chosen not to mention the company on our post, as we don’t want to criticise them, and ultimately don’t want them to get visibility.

Don’t get us wrong, both of us are up for sleeping rough (road trips in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania) and not showering for a few days, IF we know what is coming next. But when we paid a few hundred dollars for a tour, we were expecting something a little different.
If we ever go back we would prefer doing it ourselves, so we would consider renting a 4×4, which we are pretty sure it would have worked out much cheaper than the tour package.

Below is a breakdown of our costs:

Tour: Booked in Cairns High Street. Cost: AUD$525/USD$350/GBP£250 per person.
Accommodation: Included in the tour was: the night before and after the island and camping for two nights.
Food: Before heading to Fraser we bought our food from the local supermarket, which covered all our meals at the island.
Cost: AUD$60/USD$45/GBP£35 for two people
Flying over Fraser Island – Cost: AUD$55/USD$35/GBP£25 per person


The total for 3 days/ 2 nights in Fraser Island was AUD$1220/USD$815/GBP£585
Per day: AUD$406/USD$270/GBP£195*– For two people

*Exchange Rates according to XE  back in December 2015

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Are you planning to visit Fraser Island? Any other suggestions or questions?

the best of fraser island

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