By Telma and Thomas | 20 January 2016 | Australia | Deaf Community

Adelaide was without a doubt, the most random destination out of our travel plans. Actually, both of us didn’t even know there was a city in Australia named Adelaide*.
(*Sorry folks, we are pretty sure that we could name a few English or Portuguese towns that you have never heard of.)

It’s ironic that one of the reasons we embarked on this trip was because of the Adelaide Deaf Games. Wait?! What? How is that even possible? There is no particular reason. It just happened. And if you would like to find out more about it, click here.

We were so willing to help out, to meet new people and engage with fellow volunteers and participants that we ended up not making the most out of our stay in Adelaide, and didn’t explore the city.
Overall we stayed fourteen nights. Twelve nights through Airbnb accommodation, and the other two with Maria Williams and her family, she was the Volunteer Coordinator at the games.

volunteer uniform at adelaide deaf games

What are the Australian Deaf Games?

“The Australian Deaf Games is the pinnacle multi sports event for deaf people in Australia.  The Games give deaf people the opportunity to be exposed to a national competition format which promotes the development of Deaf sport.  Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) owns and manages this event.  It Involves up to 19 sports and now held every four years.  But while sport is central to the event, the Games also provide a major social and cultural festival for the whole Deaf community.
The 2018 Australian Deaf Games will be held at Albury Wodonga from 20 – 27 January 2018”.

“The Australian Deaf Games is one of the oldest ongoing deaf sporting events in the world.  The origins of interstate Deaf sport competitions can be traced back to 1895 when the Victorian Deaf cricket team travelled to South Australia for a friendly Deaf cricket match.”

Note: The above information was taken from Deaf Sports website in order to give our readers a brief summary about the Australia Deaf Games and the Deaf Community.

work rota volunteering

Volunteering at the Adelaide Deaf Games

We had a different work rota every day, which was super exciting so we could visit more venues where the games were being held, interact with the staff and meet people from all over Australia.
What a fantastic time we both had during the games! And good memories from the people we met and spent time with.

our team of volunteers at the australian deaf games

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank the Williams’ family for their hospitality after the games: Darren, Maria, Jasmine and Nathan. Caroline Colon for the support and the opportunity given to us to be part of the volunteering team at the games.

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